At Finura we believe in educating clients to make better financial decisions with or without us

As a client you can expect personalised recommendations and output drawing on the latest research and technology, which allows us to accurately guide the decisions you must take today to meet future aspirations.

MyWealth Platform

The Fusion platform offers institutional grade, whole of market, investment capability with time-weighted performance reporting.

The MyWealth Portal offers secure 24/7 access to your portfolio and overall wealth via mobile and desktop while a secure messaging and document storage facility means you have online records and will never have to worry about paper storage.

By using automated live feeds, you can also keep track of all your assets online, from pensions and savings to property and chattels and you are able to update your details personally. This means that when it comes to your review, your advisor will have the most up to date and complete picture of your finances allowing the best possible use of your time.

Lifestyle Modelling

Our interactive, online cash flow modelling enables us to create a unique lifestyle plan for every client that brings your plans and abstract numbers to life.

We will review your income, expenses, costs and plans to formulate where surplus income or capital is available and to keep you on track with your goals. Taking a live feed from HMRC, our tool will show you the most tax efficient way of structuring and drawing down on your assets while our MonteCarlo statistical analysis will stress test portfolio returns through all market conditions.

Your finished model will help you make meaningful decisions for you – can you afford private schooling, a holiday home or to retire five years sooner and how much do you need to be putting aside for tomorrow?

Behavioural Finance

Financial planning and investing is not just about risk profiling but also understanding your core values and beliefs.

Whether a seasoned investor or just starting out, we encourage clients to understand their own biases that drive their decision making.

Are you affected by the thoughts and actions of others or do you overestimate the chances of success and underestimate risk? Does the pain of losing affect you more than the pleasure of winning?

By answering these questions and gaining a deep insight into your personality, we can create a truly individual, meaningful plan that will deliver against your expectations not our own.