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Lydia Richmond

Lydia Richmond

Financial Planner

lr@finura.co.uk | 020 8135 6073

Lydia has been working in the financial planning/wealth management industry for several years and is currently working towards Chartered Financial Planner status.

As a financial planner, Lydia works with Clients to navigate their financial journey by building a meaningful, ongoing relationship. She combines her technical expertise with a deep understanding of each Client’s unique goals and values, empowering them to make informed decisions and adapt their plans throughout their lives.

Lydia is particularly passionate about financial education, financial planning for business owners and entrepreneurs and a special focus on helping women achieve financial freedom and security through tailored planning.

Outside of work, Lydia enjoys socialising with friends and family on the Wirral and in London, walking her dog, and bouldering – despite her fear of heights!

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