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Nader El Harake

Nader El Harake

Client Account Manager

nh@finura.co.uk | 020 8135 6070

Nader has been a dedicated professional in the wealth management industry for over four years. Starting his career as an administrator, he quickly demonstrated his keen eye for detail and his unwavering commitment to Client satisfaction. Today, he serves as a Client Account Manager, diligently attending to the integral needs of our Clients and ensuring they receive unparalleled service.

Since joining, Nader has been passionate about teamwork, the automation of processes, and delivering top-quality work. Having completed his MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Nader is always keen on adopting an innovative approach within day-to-day processes.

Outside of his professional life, Nader is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves exploring new culinary experiences. He is also an avid traveller, constantly seeking new adventures and cultures to immerse himself in.

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