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Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“Leasehold prisoners press government for release”
Update on the homebuyers who unwittingly signed contracts that doubled their ground rent every 10 years.
“Where will the pound head next?”
When the odds of a deal on departure terms between the UK and the EU have improved, sterling has strengthened to $1.40. When they have worsened, it has headed down towards $1.30.
“Lack of market ‘plumbing’ holds back sustainable investing”
A 2015 review of more than 2,000 studies found that integrating sustainability measures improves, rather than harms, operating performance. Yet SII funds remain niche within total global wealth, which reached $280tn last year.
“Five things to watch on UK interest rates”
The Bank of England’s MPC are widely expected to raise the benchmark interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to 0.75% when the MPC meets on Thursday.
“Monetary policy for the next recession”
Central banks are now turning their attention to a longer term issue: after normalisation, will the new monetary policy framework be robust in the face of the next recession?


“How do pension savers get a bad deal? Let me list the ways”
A report names the worst culprits for fees, penalties and transfer waits.
“MPs want ‘perverse’ Lisa to be scrapped”
MPs have called for the lifetime Isa — or Lisa — to be scrapped, saying it offers “perverse incentives”.
“Your pension tax perk could go to plug the NHS black hole”
The chances of a change in the rules — perhaps involving a watering down of tax relief available to higher earners — appear to have grown following publication last week of a wide-ranging report into household finances by the influential Treasury committee of MPs.


“Green investment funds can offer golden returns without sacrificing the environment”
A look at how you can put your money to work in support of the environment and get an investment bargain as well.
“Revealed: the banks charging borrowers a £600-a-year mortgage loyalty penalty”
Borrowers have been urged to check their mortgage offers before accepting after data obtained by Telegraph Money revealed some lenders charge their existing customers more than new ones.


“UK insolvencies hit six-year high as finances come under pressure?”
The number of people declared insolvent hit a six-year high in the three months to June as the squeeze from high inflation, meagre wage rises and benefit cuts hit the finances of low-paid workers.
“Household debt in UK ‘worse than at any time on record’”
British households spent around £900 more on average than they received in income during 2017, pushing their finances into deficit for the first time since the credit boom of the 1980s.


“America’s top firms warn investors over Brexit: Panic crosses the Atlantic as firms including Ford, Nike and FedEx speak out”
A string of giant US corporations including American Airlines, Nike, Ford and FedEx have issued a volley of panicked warnings about Brexit as nerves fray across the Atlantic.

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Other News

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