Helping clients balance personal aspirations, investment growth, efficiency, security & flexibility

From private individuals to SME’s, our goal is the same – to empower clients to make better financial decisions to meet their lifestyle needs in the quickest timeframe possible.

What sets us apart

We believe that a competitively-priced, effective investment solution should be a pre-requisite for a planning firm, not a point of competitive difference.

Whilst we believe we have a market-leading investment proposition covering active and passive management and everything in between, we have focused our efforts on building a service that showcases how we add real value to your plan, above product selection and fund picking.


Finura is able to advise and construct individual investment solutions for both the hands-on and passive investor. We can structure solutions for income and growth at all risk levels. We can help with lump sum and regular saving as well as supporting trustees.

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Our mortgage service takes the stress and hassle out of applying for a mortgage. Whether you are looking for residential, investment, buy-to-let or commercial property finance, we can help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

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Accounting for the recent and ongoing rule changes, Finura helps create robust, efficient and innovative pension and retirement plans, designed to provide flexibility and security in retirement for you and your family. We can also advise on annual, lifetime and carry forward pension allowances.

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Finura plans and manages inheritance and estate planning solutions, helping clients to protect their legacies and provide for their families in later life.

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Whether you are looking to protect debt, lifestyle, or both, Finura can audit your current personal and work insurance and provide solutions to ensure that you and your family are comprehensively protected.

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We specialise in the SME market as we are one ourselves. The need for corporate financial planning for contractors, limited companies, partnerships and sole traders is just as important as it is for individuals.

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Lifestyle Modelling

Lifestyle planning and modelling is about defining, committing and translating your individual aspirations into a visual financial plan.

We believe our role is to help you navigate the ‘transitions’ in your life and to create a roadmap that we are both accountable towards delivering. With the help of industry-leading software, we can simulate ‘what if’ scenarios such as early retirement, buying a holiday home or the affordability of private education.

Behavioural Finance

Without knowing it, we are all subject to biases and prejudices, many of which are unseen and a function of our subconscious.

At Finura our role is to help you identify these biases or tendencies and to strip back the media noise and conflicting information to deliver planning that works because it is proven, not due to timing or luck.

We believe in empowering clients to make rational financial decisions that will bring their individual journey to life; only once we understand how you really ‘feel’ about investing your finances, are we able to design a solution that will work for you and sits comfortably with your approach to investment and risk.