Finance in the News – w/c 02.11.20

Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


“Cash buyers slow to emerge in pandemic housing market”
Fewer downsizers may be one reason for the low numbers, say agents.
“Trusts fall from favour as tax planning vehicles for wealthy families”
The number of trusts shrinks but they pay more tax in 2018-19.
“Online pensions dashboard delayed until 2023”
Campaigners protest at hold up with system aimed at streamlining information for consumers.
“The struggle between success and succession”
Why are the heads of family businesses so reluctant to hand over the reins?
“Could negative rates signal the end of free banking?”
HSBC hints it will soon look at charging for current accounts.
“High quality equities remain the best option for growth”
Good-quality companies have survived wars, not just pandemics.


“Now a mortgage crunch hits the self‑employed”
Lenders are nervous about those in non-permanent work, but are their fears justified?
“Flat-owners face huge rise in insurance premiums”
The cost of cover for apartments with flammable cladding has soared since Grenfell.
“The stock market thinks Joe Biden will win. Ignore it”
If you’re a stock market watcher, then 11.11am in New York on Wednesday was significant. That was the moment when a share-price tumble meant that the S&P 500 suddenly pointed to a Joe Biden victory in the US presidential race.


“Customers struggling with debt thrown a second lifeline ahead of lockdown”
People will be able to defer debt repayments for up to six months, however they will still be charged interest.
“I’m worth more dead than alive – and that’s a relief”
Having a house plus a child means it’s time I grow up and insure my life
“The ultimate buy-to-let practical guide: how to maximise your profits”
Learn where to invest in property, how to find a bargain, and the costs you need to factor in.


“What the Covid lockdown in England means for consumers”
How new restrictions affect mortgage payments, job support, holiday refunds and more.
“How City high-flyer dodged Covid to end up top of the stocks”
Terry Smith, feted as the UK’s answer to Warren Buffet, is celebrating a decade of success at Fundsmith Equity.

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