Finance in the News – w/c 04.01.21


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


“What’s your financial new year’s resolution for 2021?”
Financial podcasters share their money-themed tips for the year ahead.
“Tax fears trigger rise in solvent businesses closing”
Accountants report a flood of inquiries from company owners.
“On the first day of Christmas I filed my tax return”
HMRC warns of risk of fraud from phishing scams and copycat websites.
“How does redundancy affect my pension?”
A record 370,000 people were laid off in the three months to October.
“Brexit red tape could yet tie up your investments”
Is there too much optimism around the stock market?
“Eric Syz: ‘80% of active managers are index huggers’”
Private banking chief on succession, searching for alpha and partying with Andy Warhol.


“Thumbs-up for a wealth tax to help the poor — just don’t touch the family home”
Readers agree the rich should pay more, but don’t want their main properties or estates to be touched.
“£38k: the cost of today’s pampered pooches”
A Covid puppy is all the rage, but are you ready for the financial mess they leave behind?
“Giving up takeaway coffees has earned me £1,151 in a year”
Rodger McCracken gave up expensive coffees and cakes during the Covid-19 lockdown and invested the money he saved into a couple of popular shares.


“Coronavirus has left Britain’s millionaires poorer – as others increase their fortunes”
Britain lost almost 250,000 millionaires between January and July while China gained 400,000.
“Stamps, trains and broadband: the price rises coming in 2021”
Customers are set to lose out as firms prepare to hike costs above inflation.
“How to invest in 2021”
The Telegraph Money team’s top fund picks.


“The best (and the worst) that could happen to your money this year”
As we bid farewell to 2020, with its gains for those who could keep working, and losses for those who were furloughed or put out of work, what could 2021 hold?
“Richest 1% have almost a quarter of UK wealth, study claims”
Official figures have missed £800bn of private assets, says thinktank, amid calls for wealth tax to fund Covid recovery.

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Other News

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