Finance in the News – w/c 04.04.22


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


Crypto vs gold: the search for an investment bolt hole
The market in the yellow metal may be a bubble, but at least it’s a 6,000-year-old one. Meanwhile, bitcoin looks like a short-term fad.
Shock tax bills for 1,000 UK contractors
HMRC move against one accountancy group could affect other firms and their clients.
UK house prices rise at fastest pace in 18 years
Annual growth hits 14.3% as price-to-earnings ratio reaches all-time high, according to Nationwide survey.
Surging living costs force Britons to work past retirement age
Study finds two-thirds are not giving up work due to rising bills
Are you ready for higher interest rates?
Forget ‘lower for longer’, a more fitting mantra for our personal finances is ‘higher much sooner’.
Emerging markets — where to put your money with Russia at war
Opportunities still exist in Asia, away from the uncertainty of China.


Phone bill just jumped? Here’s how to switch
Everything you need to know about mobiles, data and deals.
Want to be £3,000 richer? Be an early bird and invest all of your Isa on April 6
New year resolutions offer us the chance to reinvent and reinvigorate ourselves in the bleak midwinter. Now the new tax year that begins on Wednesday provides a fiscal prompt to do something similar this spring with our money.


Money Makeover: ‘Should I cash in my £284k final salary pension?’
Telegraph readers’ savings are getting close to the punitive lifetime allowance – but there are ways to help.
Double tax charges if you buy goods from Europe
Taxes, customs duties and charges came to 71pc of our reader’s original purchase.
I never thought it would be this hard to be a landlord
The Secret Landlord: tax breaks on buy-to-let were once too good to be true, but now the tables have turned.


How to get a good deal on travel insurance
The lowdown on how much cover you need, global health insurance card and Covid-19 factors.
If you thought your energy bill rise was bad, wait until you see these …
As the new tax year starts, council tax, water bills, travel and even stamps are going up.

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Other News

Tax Year End Planning Checklist For Individuals – 2023/24 Tax Year

As tax year end approaches, there is still time to make use of your available reliefs and allowances.

This tax year end planning checklist covers the main planning opportunities available to UK resident individuals and will hopefully help to inspire action to reduce tax for the 2023/24 tax year and to plan ahead for 2024/25.

Higher Rate Taxpaying Is A Growing Club

As tax rate band thresholds are changing, understanding the impact on high rate taxpayers and the economy is crucial.

5 Top Tips To Boost Your Pension Savings

It was recently revealed in the media that the amount we need to enjoy a ‘moderate’ retirement has increased by £8,000 per annum, a 38% increase, in just one year.