Finance in the News – w/c 07.10.19


Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“Online investment scams: how not to be a victim”
Fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes are netting millions for organised crime.
“What use is a pension without a plan for retirement?”
Your savings are just one aspect to consider of life after full-time work.
“FT launches Road to Riches board game to boost financial literacy”
Objective is to have fun while learning to make better financial decisions.
“Patience is a virtue in investing — and salmon fishing”
Be ready to cast your net for a takeover deal, whenever it occurs.
“Financial advisers and the ‘wealth tax’ toll”
The industry takes a percentage of its clients’ invested assets year after year.
“Divorce: dividing up the family home”
Property is the biggest asset for most couples, leading to no end of complications when they split.


“‘Forgotten but not gone, child trust funds fall prey to charges”
If you’ve got a CTF, consider switching it into a Junior Isa.
“Ministers told to rescue women from low-pay retirement trap”
Women in part-time and low-paid jobs are losing precious pension savings because of state “inertia”, campaigners are set to tell the government.
“Financial incentives only benefit one person, and it’s not you”
Incentives to sell financial products should be banned. Frankly, it underlines the ineffectiveness of the City regulator that it has not done so already.


“Watchdog’s probes into Bitcoin firms rise 74% in crypto crackdown”
The City regulator has ramped up its formal investigations into cryptocurrency firms, in a crackdown on the “wild west” digital currency industry.
“How Fifties women can boost their state pension payments – even with a five-year wait”
Women affected by the increase in state pension age lost their court battle last week and now face the prospect of retiring as much as six years later than planned. But it could still be possible for some Fifties women to boost their pay-outs.
“The 3,700% hike in death fees is a farce and must be scrapped before an election”
Whatever you think about IHT, there is at least some logic to the system. The same cannot be said of the Government’s 3,700% increase in the cost of obtaining a “grant of probate”, needed to distribute an estate.


“Six million insurance customers are being hit by ‘loyalty penalty’”
A third of those paying too much are on low income or vulnerable, says watchdog.
“‘UK housebuilding falls to slowest quarterly rate for three years”
Figures show new housing starts fell to 160,640 in June, 1% lower than a year ago.

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