Finance in the News – w/c 10.06.19


Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“Freelancers face a looming tax nightmare”
IR35 aims to crack down on those who are ‘disguised employees’.
“What does Neil Woodford’s fund suspension mean for investors?”
£10bn in assets five years ago have shrunk by nearly two-thirds.
“Call for tax breaks for ‘patriotic gifts’ to cut the national debt”
Call for tax breaks for ‘patriotic gifts’ to cut the national debt.
“Child benefit fines scrapped for 6,000 high income families”
Cases reviewed where a ‘failure to notify’ penalty was applied.
“How Airbnb became key to turning homes into businesses”
London rules over short-term lets may be circumvented by landlords.
“Conflicts in fund manager market exposed by Woodford”
Celebrated investor’s decision to run an open-ended fund suited everyone except investors.


“‘Best buy’ fund? Prove it, says the FCA”
Lists of “best-buy” funds could be probed by regulators over their compilers’ ties to investment companies.
“Pay-as-you-drive car insurance to tempt young motorists onto the road”
A pay-as-you-go car insurance policy that calculates charges by the mile based on where, when and how its customers are driving is being launched. The top-up system will mimic the way many customers once paid for calls and texts on mobile phones.
“It’s time to stop being starry-eyed over star managers”
Is the fall of Woodford a sign that investors should put an end to the constant search for the next Warren Buffett?


“Four guaranteed ways to lose money investing – and how to avoid them”
No investor wants to lose money, but a fear of falling portfolios can lead to taking an overly cautious approach that also dashes the chance of reaping the greatest rewards. It is one reason that savers deposited a record £1.1bn into cash ISAs in January this year, four times more than they did in the same month of 2018.
“The Nimbys are wrong: new developments actually boost your house price”
The new housing developments so hated by local residents for harming their house prices could actually be a boon for local property values, new research has shown.
“Section 21: will banning ‘no-fault’ evictions kill the buy-to-let market?”
The Government’s plan to abolish section 21, a law that allows landlords to remove tenants from a property without reason, has caused controversy since its announcement in April.


“Sole traders: why there’s a whiff of money in old trainers”
London’s Stock Exchange is doing a roaring trade dealing in the booming market for rare sneakers.
“Vote-grabbing gimmicks put pensions at risk”
David Blake, Edmund Cannon and Ian Tonks criticise James Brokenshire’s idea to let first-time buyers dip into pension funds for a deposit on a home.


“Can I start taking an old pension and still put £40k a year into my two other ones?”
Steve Webb replies.

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