Finance in the News – w/c 19.07.21


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


Five tax threats to your pension
Tax relief on retirement savings looks to be ‘low hanging fruit’ for a chancellor desperate to balance the books.
Child benefit tax ruling sparks widespread concern
High earners ask lawyers for advice after HMRC loses landmark case.
Can I pay less inheritance tax on cryptocurrencies?
My late partner’s portfolio consists mainly of cryptos that have recently fallen in value.
The company space race is a great story — but will it end happily?
Seraphim Investment Trust is one to watch, but early adopters in new frontiers rarely prosper.
Dangers lurk in exit from Covid recession
It’s not just the poor who are threatened by inflation, public support cuts and likely job losses.
The BoE’s mixed messages on UK banks
If lenders can pay dividends, they can contribute to their rainy-day fund.


The great bank account shutdown
Financial firms have been told to get tough on fraud, but it is leaving customers high and dry.
Top investors have changed their mind about inflation, should you?
Virus fears prompt fund managers to change tack in belief that high inflation will not last.
Privacy concerns over HMRC’s digital plan for tax returns
A fully digital tax system could mean the end of annual returns — but at what cost?


‘I haven’t got a hope in hell of getting a job’: unemployment soars among women over 65
One in 10 women over 65 on furlough faces redundancy.
Six ways to save on your car insurance
Premiums are falling but will not stay low forever.
Lack of homes for sale pushes asking prices to record high
Sellers are hiking their price tags despite the disappearance of stamp duty savings due to a drought of properties on the market.


Mortgages: don’t be dazzled by super-low interest rates
Ultra-low fixed-rate deals can look very attractive, but the no-fee higher rate can often make for a better bargain.
Can we get a buy-to-let mortgage and use the house as a holiday let?
Couple hoping they could save as the tax incentives for furnished holiday lets are better.

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