Finance in the News – w/c 20.12.21


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


UK mortgage market braced for surge ahead of further rate rises
Bank of England’s rates move prompts surge in inquiries on remortgaging and borrowing at brokers.
UK house price growth 1% in 2022, predicts Halifax
Interest rate rises expected to damp the market.
US bill threatens ‘double taxation for American expats in UK’”
Carry back provision would be scrapped under measures considered by the Senate.
Climate change: opportunities and risks for investors
Amid all the hype, savers need to examine technology, management skills and financial plans.
UK banks back rollout of shared branches
Initiative expanded to seven hubs to help vulnerable groups maintain access to cash.
Richer people more likely to fall prey to fraudsters
Scammers may target mid-career professionals with savings more often than pensioners.


Help! I want to give away a fortune (but don’t know where to start)
A careful investor wants to use his money to help the planet, but found that setting up a charity is not that easy.
The ten stocks powering the FTSE 100
A drinks giant, miners and energy companies are driving stock market growth.
Inflation worries? Not if you chose these funds
A sharp rise in the cost of living will have forced many people to accept more risk in how they take investment income in retirement.


Money Makeover: ‘I’m on £125,000 and want to retire in 16 years – is it too late to start investing?
Pilot Will Godwin wants to provide financial security for his family.
Aim stocks let investors down this year – knowing the rules is vital to saving inheritance tax
IPOs can be a good way to make a quick profit, but this year’s returns show an area fraught with risk.
‘I went to London and couldn’t spend a penny in cash’
Cash acceptance has fallen dramatically in the capital.


‘Goalposts must stop moving’: plea for stability in UK’s green homes drive
After failure of green homes grant scheme, campaigners want future projects to be long-term and accountable.
What the interest rate rise means for your mortgage, debt and savings
The lowdown on how the Bank of England decision will affect borrowers and savers.

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