Finance in the News – w/c 21.12.20

Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


“Is the property market on shaky foundations in 2021?”
The post-lockdown boom continues, but many experts are gloomy about prospects after March.
“HMRC urged to delay self-assessment deadline”
Late filing will be more common in 2021 because of the pandemic, say accountants.
“NatWest brings back 90% mortgages as buyer demand soars”
UK banks and building societies more confident over riskier lending as fears over house prices ease.
“Strictly Come Dancing: lessons for investors”
As viewers prepare to cast their votes in the final episode, there are some surprising hidden money lessons.
“Market risks abound — but there are potential rewards”
If the US looks pricey, why not look to UK stocks?
“Green and tech stocks are worth the price”
As long as rates stay low, investors will keep buying even if these shares look expensive.


“Farewell to la dolce vita; hello to the turmoil caused by Brexit”
Expats in the EU have days to overhaul all their finances as banks close their accounts.
“Rescue your savings from the pension graveyard”
The Times investigates the cost of investing with the retirement giant that manages more than 100 brands.
“Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin value hits all-time high”
Bitcoin’s value reached an all-time high last week amid a bull run for leading cryptocurrencies, days before a ban on sales of some cryptoassets to UK retail investors comes into effect.


“Post-lockdown property buying frenzy fuelled a £62bn surge in home sales”
British buyers will have agreed to spend £300bn on property this year, a 26pc jump compared to 2019.
“What not to buy in 2021: expert picks on the investments to avoid”
Anyone who says they predicted what markets would do this year is probably a liar…But will 2021 be any easier?
“How to save money in 2021: top tips to improve your finances”
Follow 14 simple steps to give your finances a boost in 2021.


“Average UK house price rises by £13,316 in 2020”
‘Race for space’ after Covid lockdown limitations helps housing market rocket.
“How did the Covid crisis affect your finances in 2020?”
Pandemic leaves some people jobless and deferring mortgages, while others have saved more.

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Other News

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