Finance in the News – w/c 22.08.22


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


Investing in volatile times: Alphaville’s top tips
The FT’s markets blog offers advice to personal savers.
Wealth managers warn retail investors over rising inflation
Alert follows 10.1% surge in UK consumer prices that was revealed this week.
One-fifth of property sellers miss CGT payment deadline
Failure to pay tax bills came despite an extension to the reporting time limit.
Deadline looms for trustees of non-taxable trusts
Just two weeks remain before those who fail to register with the HMRC are likely to face penalties/.
Record wage drop signals more cost of living pain for UK households
Pay falls 3% in real terms but not enough to bring down inflation to Bank of England target.
Read the fine print before consolidating pension pots
Older schemes may have advantages worth keeping.


Ways to save money on pet food, healthcare and insurance
The cost-of-living crisis has us all thinking of ways to reduce costs — from kitty litter to snake warmers.
Not dramatic enough: HMRC’s harsh review of theatre’s tax claim
A Scrooge-like refusal to grant £170k relief to a much-loved annual Christmas show has been overturned.
Annuities are back in fashion — but should you get one?
Rates have improved about 30% this year.


‘My husband died and now I’ll only get £15 a week from his state pension’
Grieving spouses have been blocked from inheriting state pensions because their partner died too early.
Parents in turmoil as hundreds of after-school clubs face closure
Wraparound’ care sector hit by pandemic, cost of living crisis and staff shortages.
‘I’ve put 95pc of my pension into oil stocks’
Britain’s army of DIY investors are trying to fight back against inflation.


GPs could prescribe money off energy bills under Treasury plan
Proposal would mean doctors would assess whether patients are struggling enough to require help.
Britain’s growing dormant cash pile set to be a windfall for charities
The government is expanding a scheme that channels unclaimed money to good causes.

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Other News

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