Finance in the News – w/c 23.08.21


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


HMRC digs deep into your data
Tax authority will extend trawl of transaction flows to boost efficiency — and hunt for evaders.
Number of ‘dog’ funds falls as value stocks rebound
Bestinvest survey reveals 77 UK funds still underperform the market.
Investing in the menopause can offer many rewards
Growing awareness of the problem and femtech could lead to better-run companies delivering higher returns.
ESG must learn from the tech bubble — returns matter
Investors must not forget about profits, even as they focus on wider criteria.
Investors need to evaluate the impact of a growing nationalism
Moves to protect technology and secure food and raw material supplies hit markets.
Investment lessons of a Scottish fishing disaster
For us, the tidal wave of inflation still presents the greatest danger.


Barred from looking after our own pensions
Rules to protect savers make it hard for those who want to manage their own affairs.
The amateur investors taking on Wall Street traders
Armchair enthusiasts piled into the stock market last year using apps like Freetrade. But are these first-time investors being responsible?
Wayhome, the first-time buyer scheme where you could pay stamp duty again and again
You can own a home by putting in 5%, but there’s a huge catch if you want a bigger share.


“’Everyone is just looking to make a profit’: the people taking advantage of the cladding crisis
Commission fees incentivise managing agents and freeholders to increase costs.
Ten million savers could run out of money in retirement
Workers who manage their own retirement don’t know how to avoid running out of money.
Economist Linda Yueh: ‘Experts often get things wrong, so I’m cautious’”
Television presenter and academic Linda Yueh tells how studying the lives of economists has shaped her own attitude to money.


As ‘finfluencers’ spread through social media, beware the pitfalls
YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are full of finance ‘experts’ promising riches to the young and credulous.
“‘Inheritance is a problem’: parents on what they will leave to their children
Following Daniel Craig’s remarks that he will spend his money or give it away, The Guardian asked readers what their plans are.

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Other News

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When they first appeared, in April 1999, ISAs were seen largely as a rebranding by the then Labour Chancellor, Gordon Brown, of two schemes introduced by his Conservative predecessors: Nigel Lawson (Personal Equity Plans – PEPs) and John Major (Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts – TESSAs). Since that far off day, ISAs have undergone many changes.

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