Finance in the News – w/c 25.11.19

Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


“Fewer property cash buyers as downsizers stay put”
Rising prices also have an effect across the UK.
“From Facebook to iTunes — what happens to your digital assets when you die?”
Digital aspects of estates land executors with the most problems.
“Overseas property buyers face UK stamp duty increase”.
Conservative Party set to raise surcharge to 3%
“Is a million pounds enough to retire on?”
Should you put your pension money in an annuity or could you get a better return in stocks?
“Investment trusts: family trusts, dividend heroes and compared to other investments”
The show discusses different ways investors can use investment trusts in their portfolios.
“More money may not equal life satisfaction”
No matter how high your net worth, if you lack fulfilment it will never be enough.


“Exodus from UK shares as Corbyn spooks investors”
Labour’s manifesto has added to Brexit fears to spark a flight from equities to cash and foreign stocks.
“Where to stash your cash as regular savings rates fall”
Monthly deposits still look attractive but do your sums first.
“I thought peer-to-peer was as safe as savings. Now I’m paying the price”
P2P platforms tout attractive returns, but the reality can be a wait of months to be paid out — and paltry interest.


“Tory victory will bring a ‘relief rally’ to markets – but also fear of a new cliff edge”
How would the stock market react to the election of a majority Conservative government and to the implementation of its manifesto commitments?
“What the Tory manifesto means for your money”.
The Prime Minister’s suggestions in the 64-page document were generally scant on detail. However, a promise to freeze income tax levels and funding for childcare could give a boost to your finances.
“’I moved to a tax haven so I could buy my first home in the UK by 28”
The third in a five-part series on how to buy your first home – without help from the Bank of Mum and Dad. From setting up their own businesses to investing their way onto the ladder, these twenty-somethings share how they did it.


“Are Britain’s high earners taxed too much or too little?”
The Labour party is committed to raising billions by raising tax for earning over £80,000.
“Investing: get the full picture before you risk peer-to-peer”
Fears are growing after the collapse of two P2P platforms this year, and delays of 100 days or more to withdraw money from Funding Circle. The Financial Conduct Authority is introducing new rules amid concerns that small investors are being drawn in without understanding the risks.

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