Finance in the News – w/c 27.05.19


Short summaries of articles we think you will find useful from some of the weekend’s broadsheets.


“Investors itching to switch kept waiting for up to a year”
Switching your Isa, investment platform or pension provider takes far longer than it should.
“Actors union accuses HMRC of ‘unfair’ tax scrutiny”
Equity accuses tax authority of a ruthless grab for revenue.
“Older divorcees fuelling disputes over pension pots”
Rising age of divorcing couples leading to more complex financial settlements.
“Financial advice gap has widened since 2015, says report”
Millions are priced out of the market and unaware of free help available.
“UK mortgage approvals hit highest level since early 2017
Rise hints at recovery in Britain’s housing market despite Brexit woes.
“Private Client Wealth Management 2019”
FT Money’s annual review of the world of wealth management in the year that Mifid II changed the rules on fee transparency.


“The day I told my kids they may inherit nothing”
The first time families talk about money is usually when something terrible happens: a relative dies, or someone needs care. Finding out how much a loved one actually has in the bank can come as a shock.
“Agony uncle Hunter Davies answers your nitty gritty money questions”
How would Hunter Davies ease your money woes if he was a real agony uncle?
“We’ve seen a mortgage frenzy before — look how that turned out”
It feels like 2006, when banks were offering startlingly cheap mortgages, huge income multiples and massive loan-to-values, justifying it all by arguing that the cost of funding was low. We know what happened next.


“How to retire at 55 and live off your dividends: plans for the 25, 35 and 45 year-old”
Dividend investors are having a rocky patch as generous giants slash shareholder returns.
“The ultimate guide to retiring young: five essential tips to enjoy the later years”
Would you like to spend your later years cruising the Mediterranean, basking on a sun lounger atop a seaside terrace or enjoying slow days writing a best-selling novel? Then get planning now. Time is the best weapon you have in the fight against a miserable retirement bereft of the basics.
“In your late 50s or early 60s? Here’s your perfect financial plan”
One of the most common dilemmas for people of this age is how to best fund your lifestyle once you have stopped work. The average age of people retiring from the workforce is currently around 58, according to official figures. But over the next few decades this is forecast to rise considerably.


“Number of over-70s still in work more than doubles in a decade”
Despite benefits of working into retirement, campaigners say figures point to pensioner poverty in UK.
“Hope for ‘mortgage prisoners’ as MPs and regulator act to free them”
Thousands of mortgage customers of now-defunct banks who had their loans sold on after the financial crisis are hoping new moves by regulators and MPs will free them up to shop around for cheaper deals.


“Women savers plan to retire on £168k, while men expect to build pots worth a quarter of a million”
Lower pay and career breaks to care for family are still holding back women’s ability to save for old age – but younger generations are better off than those currently reaching retirement.

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