Finance in the News – w/c 27.07.20

Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


“Dividends are not dead — but your strategy might need recharging”
After a dire year for corporate pay-outs, investors should take a closer look at earnings.
“What are your rights if your bank account is frozen?”
Rising reports of fraud under lockdown mean banks are on red alert for signs of suspicious transactions.
“What a change to CGT could mean to you”
A forthcoming review of how capital gains tax is paid has worried those who fear it will lead to higher levies.
“Should we ban leasehold property?”
Reforms are sorely needed, but will take years and have huge consequences.
“Higher earners at risk of losing automatic pension tax relief”
Up to 3m people could be affected under radical government proposals.
“How should we split our financial assets when we get divorced?”
Case study.


“Woodford: £1bn lost in a year”
Investors’ money was frozen. Now a fire sale of assets is destroying their savings.
“Hope for millions of women in fight for fairer pension rules”
Low earners and retired female teachers have been thrown a lifeline in a double victory for Money’s Pension Equality campaign.
“Why working from a Tuscan retreat can land you in tax trouble”
If you are planning to work from your villa in the Tuscan hills this summer be warned: it could land you with a molto grande tax bill.


“Housebuilders scramble to throw cash at buyers in wake of stamp duty holiday”
The stamp duty holiday meant that the benefits of developers’ incentives disappeared overnight.
“‘How can we make sure our £400k savings will cover the cost of our care?’”
Care fees are rising by as much as 5% a year and knowing when to cash in investments or a home to cover the cost can be a minefield.
“Yields have plunged, but there’s more pain on the way”
In a worst-case scenario the market could yield as little as 3.3% by the end of the year.


“Tui cancels all holidays in mainland Spain for Britons”
Operator says all holidays up to and including Sunday 9 August will not go ahead after UK quarantine decision.
“Working from home – know your rights as it becomes the new normal”
Many staff won’t be going back into the office until next year. The Guardian answer the important questions employers and employees face

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