Finance in the News – w/c 27.09.21


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


“Is it time to avoid investing in China?”
While economic growth remains strong, Beijing’s crackdown on private business bodes ill for portfolio investors.
Sharp jump in UK fraud cases sparks warning of ‘national security threat
Scams in which victims are duped into handing over money or sensitive information have leapt 70%.
UK’s green gilt success points to pricing dilemma for retail version
Government’s decision on interest rate will involve tricky trade-off between public purse and savers’ pockets.
Climate change poses tart questions for fine wine investors
Winemakers with the deepest pockets are better placed to maintain quality in the face of variable weather patterns.
Will Covid and Klarna kill the credit card?
Britons’ love affair with their ‘flexible friend’ appears to be on the rocks, as buy now, pay later deals emerge.
Brace yourselves for an energy bills shock
With the UK’s cheapest deals 40% more expensive than a year ago, here’s how to limit the damage.


How to tell if your energy firm is about to collapse
Huge losses, warnings from the regulator and rotten customer service are all signs that your gas and electricity supplier may be in trouble.
How to set a spending limit on your contactless card
Britain’s biggest bank is allowing customers to set their own limit for contactless payments.
From October 15 the single tap-and-go limit will be more than doubled from £45 to £100, thanks to the chancellor’s move in the budget.
China fears, inflation, rising energy prices — time to plan for market turmoil
The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic keeps growing, so it may be time for some damage limitation with your savings.


“’I spent £5,000 topping up my state pension and it was a huge mistake‘”
Boosting your income is easy – and so is needlessly overpaying.
Bereaved families are missing out on inheritance tax refunds – here’s how to claim
Bereaved families have missed out on thousands in inheritance tax rebates because of a little-understood refund facility used by just a handful in the know, new figures have revealed.
Britons forced to ditch cash against their will
More than half feel they are being made to abandon cash against their will.


A long, cold winter ahead for Britain could keep gas prices soaring to record levels
Meteorologists and energy market experts predict a grim season for hard-pressed and vulnerable families.
Wine beats scotch and Hermès bags as top luxury investment
Prices of investment-grade wine have risen 13%, making it frontrunner of luxury investment index.

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