Finance in the News – w/c 28.06.21


Short summaries of recent articles we think you will find useful from some of the UK’s broadsheets.


Choosing a wealth manager in the post-Covid world
Investors face a maze of performance claims, service promises and fast-changing technology options.
ESG stays on trend despite data minefield
Managers struggle to see through the thicket of ethical standards and metrics to assess the impact of their investments.
Most wealth managers look the other way as clients bet on cryptos
Advisers remain sceptical in the main about bitcoin and similar assets.
Value for money a priority for wealth managers’ clients
Lockdown has given customers the opportunity to scrutinise fees and charges.
Advisers launch a tech revolution to tap the wider market
Wealth managers create ‘hybrid’ services that combine low-cost digital advice with face-to-face options.
Wealth managers need to hear diversity’s call
Companies take tentative steps to breaking traditional mould.


The stamp duty mania is ending, so what now for first-time buyers?
You may have to use any means necessary to get on the property market amid soaring prices and high demand.
“‘My life policy was £158 a month. Now I pay £1,500’”
The investment plan Eric Marshall bought 20 years ago will pay £150,000 when he dies, but only if he keeps up the soaring premiums.
How to profit from the Big Short
Hedge fund managers are often seen as the villains of the financial world, but the service they provide can be useful. Their bets on the health of a company can indicate that it is in trouble — or offer a buying opportunity if you are willing to go against their view.


Borrowers turn to interest-only mortgages – how to invest and pay off your loan
Investing the monthly savings could see a homeowner pay off the debt five years early.
How some retirees tripled their state pension to £29,000 a year
Why do some retirees get 10p a week but others £550? Telegraph Money investigates.
The cheapest places to retire in Britain
Three million plan to relocate in retirement, ditching the city for rural settings.


Beware scaling back UK furlough scheme too soon, warns Resolution Foundation
Thinktank warns of ‘dangerous complacency’ with strength of jobs market and pay growth both weaker than thought.
UK financial watchdog cracks down on cryptocurrency exchange Binance
FCA steps up oversight amid warning to consumers about platform.

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