The Best and Worst Performing Funds – Are your fund managers performing


Market volatility often acts as a trigger for investors to review their portfolios – on the back of recent market activity, we thought we would share some key extracts of recently published fund research* with you, which provides an interesting insight into how some investments have been performing below par since central banks across the globe implemented measures to try and stimulate their economies.

There are many reasons why funds go through periods of poor performance, with many coming out the other side, but, with a number of fund houses on this year’s list being serial culprits, this report should spur those whose portfolios have not been appraised, whether privately or through work, to have a review.

Of the main fund houses, the top 5 poor-performers were M&G, BNY Mellon, Aberdeen, St. James’ Place and Baillie Gifford, the first 3 of which also topped last year’s charts. Below is an overview of the top poor-performing funds to watch out for, from both these fund houses and other providers in their respective markets.

UK Equity
Elite Charteris Premium Income
IFSL Harewood Uk Enhanced Income
M&G Recovery

UK Smaller Companies
SF Webb Capital Smaller Companies Growth
CFIC Cotopus UK Micro Cap Growth
Standard Life Ignis Small Companies

Aberdeen European Smaller Companies Equity
Aberdeen European Equity Global

Emerging Markets
Legg Mason IF Martin Currie Emerging Markets
F&C Emerging Markets
UBS Emerging Markets Equity Income

Asia Pacific
St James’s Place Far East
Aberdeen Asia pacific & japan Equity
Aberdeen Asia Pacific Equity

North America
IFSL Harewood US Enhanced Income
Milton American
Legg Mason IF ClearBridge US Equity Income

Schroder Japan Alpha Plus

Aberdeen World Equity Income
M&G Global Basics
Kennox Strategic Value

If you have funds invested in any of the above, and would like to setup a review of your investment portfolio, please contact your Finura Partners adviser.

*Source: Research taken from Bestinvest


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