FINURA WEBINAR INVITATION: Where next for Inflation and the case for Sustainable Investing


Join Finura and the team at Schroder Investment Solutions (SIS) for an online webinar at 4pm on 22nd July 2021. During the 40 minute presentation, we will cover:


The question on everyone’s lips in the investment world at this moment is around inflation and whether it is here to stay. During our presentation Alex Funk, CIO of Schroder Investment Solutions, will discuss Schroders’ views on the matter, presenting on; where we stand, discussing the issues that could see it persist and what this means for the world of investment after a decade of falling inflation and interest rates.

Sustainable Investing

Responsible or ‘ESG’ investing is becoming a key consideration for many investors, a movement Finura wholeheartedly support. Last year, SIS launched their Sustainable Portfolios that build upon the great track record of existing Ethical Portfolios. The goal of the portfolios is still to achieve returns but in a more responsible, long-term way. Hear from SIS on the case for Sustainable investing and how it can fit in your portfolio.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Toby Owen-Browne of Finura will highlight how mapping your lifestyle aspirations can help ensure that the complexity of decision making is reduced and help make your goals more personal and identifiable. Qualitative and tangible objectives can be key to making better financial decisions along your lifestyle journey.


An opportunity to pose your questions at the end of the presentation.

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22nd July 2021 at 4pm

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This event is only suitable for UK-based private investors who can evaluate the risks and merits of any investments undertaken, and who have sufficient resources to bear any loss that might occur.

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