Your insurance needs covered by one all-inclusive service from Finura Partners


Finura Partners is delighted to announce an expansion in our General Insurance service provision.

With immediate effect, our advisers are now able to consult on all insurance needs, including home, landlords, commercial, professional indemnity and non-standard policies.

With property ownership typically being our most valuable asset(s), home, contents, landlords and buildings insurance are policies that we all have but often spend very little time reviewing.

With this in mind, Finura Partners is keen to offer its clients an all-encompassing service that produces meaningful benchmarks to ensure clients have market-leading provision to protect their most valuable assets.

The prevalence of online supermarkets often means people often hit their renewal date and simply continue with what they have or do a cursory premium-led search. With 85% of consumers citing price as the main factor influencing their insurance purchasing decisions*, the market has become a highly price-conscious and high-switching UK market. However the cheapest price does not always equate to the most appropriate cover.

Recent market figures* also show that telephone contact accounts for 71% of distribution of personal line products such as insurance and 47% is done face-to-face. This only goes to reinforce the demand for a more personal, client-focused approach to insurance buying.

In addition to the one-to-one contact experienced through the use of a broker, another benefit of using a firm, such as Finura Partners, to seek out your insurance policies is that you will receive impartial advice based on your individual circumstances and will be presented with options that match your needs based on both price and level of cover. Furthermore, direct policies are habitually written for a wide market and therefore consistently fail to cater for unique or more unusual circumstances, such as high value fine art, multiple properties or expensive vehicles.

Finura Partners only uses insurance services that have been awarded the Defaqto 5 star rating, offering clients the peace of mind that their policies provide the highest level of cover with a comprehensive range of features and benefits. This is all reinforced up by Finura’s commitment to delivering outstanding service and outcomes for all its clients.

Our experienced team can address your insurance requirements in the following areas:

Home – high cover limits and low policy excesses ensure that your money goes further when covering buildings, contents and personal possessions.

Buy to Let – essential peace of mind for anyone who rents out a property, protecting your home and possessions from loss or damage with optional rent arrears protection also available.

Commercial – a comprehensive range of cover options including liability insurance, property and fleet insurance.

Professional Indemnity – there to protect you if your client suffers a financial loss as a result of work you carried out for them.

Non-standard – for clients with extenuating circumstances or unique assets, such as thatched roof properties or high value possessions, we can find a policy to suit you.

For more information on any of our insurance services, please contact your Finura Partners adviser.



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