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Glen Bastick

Glen Bastick


gb@finura.co.uk | 020 8057 8149

Glen is a Chartered Financial Planner who has worked in the financial planning profession for 13 years.

Prior to joining Finura, he worked for a professional multi-disciplinary practice combining financial planning with tax, audit, legal and corporate finance advice.

As a chartered financial planner, Glen helps his Clients construct the blueprint of a financial plan which forms the basis of their relationship. After several steps, the plan is then matched to recommended solutions. In addition, he sees the value of advice often manifesting itself as being a behavioural investment counsellor – a gap which exists due to human tendencies of letting emotion overpower rational thinking when making investment decisions.

Outside of work Glen enjoys generally keeping fit and active, cooking a delicious meal or continuing his quest of becoming a master home barista.

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