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Nathan Mead-Wellings

Nathan Mead-Wellings

Founding/Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

nmw@finura.co.uk | 020 8057 8142

Nathan is a founding partner of Finura and is responsible for managing the firm as well as his own Client base.

From the outset, Nathan has been driven to redefine the perception of what it is a Financial Planner does. As well as providing high performing, cost effective asset management, Nathan believes most valuable of all is empowering Clients to understand the choices available to them, the biases that may impact decision making and the ultimate impact of those decisions on achieving their life goals. Nathan takes great pleasure in showing a Client they can spend more or work less.

Away from work Nathan is mostly kept occupied and by his two young children and in balance from his love of regular yoga practice. Not at all fond of sitting still, you may also find Nathan cooking, playing tennis or golf or, best of all, skiing.

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