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Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart


ps@finura.co.uk | 020 8057 8150

Paul has been working in the financial planning profession for over 13 years.

Having worked everywhere from small companies to giant multinationals and across two different industries (PR & Marketing and Financial Planning), Paul brings broad commercial experience to Client predicaments. Priding himself on a strong dose of common sense, a preference for clarity over complication and a desire to produce great Client outcomes, he sees his role, for the most part, as helping Clients to achieve and live a certain lifestyle. Pensions, investments and insurance are just some the tools he uses to attain or maintain that goal.

He is passionate about financial modelling and specifically the way it helps Clients move beyond numbers by adding colour, context and substance to their financial journey.

Outside of work, Paul has a passion for horology and a decent, and ever-growing, watch collection.

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