People and Planet – Finura Team Volunteer at Food For all UK


On Friday 18th March 2022, four members of the Finura team volunteered at the Food For All UK prep kitchen for the morning.

Food for All takes fresh produce that would have gone to waste and turns it into free, nutritious hot meals for the community, delivered, where possible, using emission-free bicycle rickshaws by a dedicated team of volunteers.

From the Finura team was Operations Director Louise Fish, Operations Manager Dani Shaffery, Client Account Team Manager Emma Hunt and Paraplanning Manager Gareth Johnson.

This activity formed part of our commitment to People and Planet, and was arranged in partnership with Vee, the volunteering app we use to support local charities with our time and/or expertise.

Louise Fish comments: “Our job was to come up with a recipe using only the ingredients they had for a sweet treat that followed a nutritious Vegan meal. They produce hundreds of meals a day which are dispatched out to the homeless at lunch time and dinner time. It was great fun once we worked out what we were doing and how the oversized equipment worked!”

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